Xuyên Việt Chi Pháo Hôi Nam Xứng

Xuyên Việt Chi Pháo Hôi Nam Xứng


Thông tin truyện: Xuyên Việt Chi Pháo Hôi Nam Xứng

Junvu2412 and Vân Hải Tuyết are the editors of this novel, with beta support from Xích Miêu. The story falls under the category of BL, transmigration, top/seme protagonist, bottom/uke protagonist, cultivation, 1×1, and a happy ending. In total, it runs for 390 chapters with 15 extra ones.

As Mộ Thần lies quietly the bed, he reflects on his life and seriously questions himself. He wonders if he will meet the same fate as the protagonist Bạch Liên Hoa, who was abandoned by his lover, spent money recklessly, fought with the male lead, and ended up killing his father. Will Mộ Thần also suffer a wrongful death in the end? What can he do now to change his destiny?

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