Nhân Sinh Chi Khởi Độc Sủng Chỉ Mình Em

Nhân Sinh Chi Khởi Độc Sủng Chỉ Mình Em


Thông tin truyện: Nhân Sinh Chi Khởi Độc Sủng Chỉ Mình Em

Kỷ Từ Nhiên became cold and distant towards her loved ones, cruel to Mạc Tinh Duyệt, and even drifted apart from her best friend Khương Tiếu all because of her love for Cơ Hàn Uy. However, she soon realized that she was just a pawn being controlled by others.

Those who truly Kỷ Từ Nhiên suffered greatly because of her actions. Her grandparents and father died, her mother went insane, her brother went to jail, and her best friend committed suicide. Kỷ Từ Nhiên felt guilty for causing so much pain to others and decided to take her own life to atone for her sins.

In her next life, Kỷ Từ Nhiên found herself getting married to Cơ Hàn Uy, but she ran away from the wedding and bumped into Mạc Tinh Duyệt, a prestigious and powerful man who became the key to protecting her family. Kỷ Từ Nhiên realized that she had mistreated Mạc Tinh Duyệt in her previous life and tried to make amends by seducing him and relying on his power to protect her family.

Mạc Tinh Duyệt, in turn, loved Kỷ Từ Nhiên unconditionally and was willing to sacrifice everything for her. He even let her marry another man, despite knowing that she didnt love him. tragically, Kỷ Từ Nhiên committed suicide again, causing Mạc Tinh Duyệt to become consumed by revenge. However, with Kỷ Từ Nhiêns memory always on his mind, Mạc Tinh Duyệt sought to protect her at all costs.

Years later, Mạc Tinh Duyệts comrades discovered a shrine dedicated to Kỷ Từ Nhiên on his head. Despite being unauthorized by the shrine, Mạc Tinh Duyệts brothers and arms declared that he was willing to do anything for her. The author then ended the story with a slang phrase, saying that Mạc Tinh Duyệt was truly devoted to Kỷ Từ Nhiên.

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