Khủng Bố Sống Lại

Khủng Bố Sống Lại
Internet, SStruyen
Đang tiến hành
1601 Chương

Khủng Bố Sống Lại



Thông tin truyện: Khủng Bố Sống Lại

Dương Gian had become the leader of Dai Xuong city, almost like he had built a fortress of his own. However, his health was deteriorating rapidly, not quite the life he had dreamt of. To find a way to survive, he had to set out for the government headquarters. There, Dương stumbled upon a demon coffin in a deserted village. It was being “bred,” producing artificial demons with superior powers. Imprisoned in a training camp with scarce resources, how would Dương Gian survive?


The world had turned upside down,

Hell was no longer bound,

Demons were resurrected,

Mankind turned into a fiery hell.

Monstrous beings started invading…

Where were the gods?

Could they save the world?

Perhaps in this world, there were no more gods, just demons…



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